The story of Selmer



Selmer is Lisa Brunnegård, textile designer and artist, living in Örebro, Sweden. I have a bachelor exam in Textile design from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås.

I see myself and I work more like an artist than a designer. My work is experimental and therefore most of the products I sell are one of a kind.

My primary choice of textiles are organic cotton, silk, organic linen and hemp. I prefer working with textiles through dyeing, with both natural pigments and syntethic, and printing.

I recently found my grandmothers weaving loom and will hopefully have something woven to show you soon!

I also do illustrating and paper sculpturing.





The name Selmer is derived from my grandmother. Her maiden name was Selmer and I have always thought it has some kind of magic and romantic touch.

And there is always a story to tell.



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